Deliveroo  Strike

Deliveroo, one of the most successful upstarts of the gig economy, has become the food delivery counterpart of UBER. The company claims that its drivers are not employees but private contractors. 

In London, Deliveroo drivers have called a strike over proposed changes to their contracts, pay and conditions. Drivers were earning £7/hour + £1/delivery. Deliveroo wanted to ditch the hourly rate, and move to a piece rate system, where drivers would only earn £3.75/delivery.

The strike started at 17:00 on the 10th August, as hundreds of drivers gathered outside the Deliveroo Head Office on Torrington Place.

When roud 20 drivers went inside on Wednesday they were all seen as the ringleaders and promptly sacked.

The strike continued for another week, with drivers demanding a London living wage of 9,40 + 1 pound/delivery, and reinstatement of sacked colleagues.

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Friday, 12.08. 2016

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