(Foto: Jaka Gasar)


In the last year in Slovenia we are experiencing increasing aggression of the state against the autonomous spaces on behalf of capitalist interest. Generally the political agenda behind the different attempts of evictions is the commodification of public and common spaces in the interest of profit for the elite on one side and the suppression of subordinate classes on the other side. The ongoing attacks on the autonomous spaces are in this sense nothing unpredictable.


Squats represent spaces of freedom of thought and practices that go beyond the logic of profit, as well as concrete islands of resistance and creation of communities that are based on a set of values that is different to those that dominant global system espouses and thus deemed dangerous.


When we fight for anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist society, we fight for values of solidarity, freedom and radical equality. We feel empowered when we see others fighting for the similar causes. So when we are fighting for our squats, we are in solidarity with others, who fight against evictions and when we see others fighting for their squats, we feel stronger.


On Thursday, 14.12.2017, we went to the streets to protect squats in Ljubljana, but it was not just manifestation for our squats Autonomous Cultural Center Metelkova City and Autonomous Factory Rog, it was also manifestation of the idea we are fighting for as anarchists. We believe that we are fighting the same fight as comrades from Mundo Nuevo squat. This is why we are in solidarity with comrades facing repression from the state and capitalists in Mundo Nuevo squat in Thessaloniki!


APL - Anarhistična pobuda Ljubljana,

member of FAO – Federation for Anarchist organizing

Ljubljana, December 2017

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