A report just came in: "On Monday the 14th of January, 3 white people with a European passport tried to help a refugee from Syria to cross the Bosnian/Croatian border near Strmica on foot and by car. After 10 km walk and several successfull attempts to avoid the police, all 4 were caught around 8 pm and brought to Knin police station. There, the head of the police station and one person being accused for violating Schengen law and helping a foreigner crossing the border illegally, signed a document where there was handwritten in German "A. wants to apply for asylum in Croatia". After two days of imprisonment and a mild sentence by the Šibenik court A. was brought to the detention center in Trilj and the 3 European citizens were freed. The three of them tried to visit him today, the police guards of the detention camp refused and forced them to leave the place. But A. told them out of his cell-window that they had beaten him several times in Knin: they insulted him ("animal", "fuck your mother", "go back to Syria") and took him to an unknown abandoned house. On the way to the house they bashed his head against the seat of the car. Once in the house, four police men held him while another was beating him in the face. Once in detention center Trilj he was refused to have a lawyer, refused to apply for asylum and he was also told that they will push him back illegally to Bosnia today. This information has also been confirmed by A. via phone who has asked the story of violence to be made public, and forwarded to the ministry of internal affairs as well as the media and Croatian Ombudsman. More Info will follow!" #NoBorders #FuckFortressEurope #ACAB

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