Statement of No Border Serbia collective

"We came here today from the "other" side of this constructed border. It took a couple of minutes to it, but for those who have been illegalized by the border regime, the short distance between Serbia and Hungary is becoming more and more dangerous and deadly. And now, a wall is being built and Serbia declared "safe third country". But there is NOTHING safe about Serbia for migrants. They are systematically targets of police violence: they are beaten up, robbed or blackmailed for money, arrested, detained, deported and throughout humiliated. Besides, they are often denied access to shelter, sanitation, food, drinkable water and medical care.

Building a wall and deporting people back would make this situation even worse. But the REAL PROBLEM IS THE BORDER. The wall is only one horrible representation of the same border, which exists everywhere: on airports, in databases of fingerprints in centers for asylum seekers, on border crossing points, in detention centers and on every street where the police conducts racist I.D. checks.

Walls, fences and other types of border controls never stop people. People are resourceful and especially when fleeing war, poverty, and neoliberal forms of economic exploitation ALWAYS find a way to move. Building walls makes the journey much more dangerous, costly and possibly deadly.

We are calling on everyone to sabotage and use direct action against border regime, to fight for freedom of movement and destroy all forms of border control! No human being is illegal! Documents for all, or no documents at all!"


Z uporabo strani soglašate z uporabo piškotkov. - Podrobnosti.