Tuesday, 17th march in the morning. Workers came with building equipment and started putting up a fence around Porin, one of the camps (prisons) for asylum seekers in Zagreb. What was until now a symbolic prison (the rules imposed on people forced to stay inside including no visiting rights from their friends or loved ones, limited exit, extreme surveillance with cameras, counting at bedtime, complete denial of autonomy to organize one’s everyday existence, apart from long and dehumanizing process of applying for asylum and waiting for an answer etc.) is now becoming, with every meter of the fence being built, a true gated prison. This is sending a very clear message reinforcing racist imaginary of the outside world: the camp is a space of Other, of danger and threat to the community, a space (and this sticks onto people that stay inside as well) that needs to be controlled, regulated, locked to protect the community. So even if people manage to avoid push back, survive the beatings, intimidation and other forms of violence and actually apply for asylum, they will be punished by staying behind a fence. Their only “crime” being freedom of movement. Financed with EU money, Croatia continues to fulfill perfectly its role of watchdog of fortress Europe.

The erection of the fence is being done quietly, without notifying the people staying inside the camp or explaining to them what this will mean for their lives, without a sound of protest by local NGO’s (scared, not unjustified, of losing funding and possibility of continuing the support work), like it’s a reality we have to accept and can’t do anything about it. The timing could not be more perfect – with the health scare creating a state of emergency, it’s an ideal opportunity to divert attention from repressive and restrictive policies being carried out in the background (let’s not forget Greece suspending the right to apply for asylum, for example). Some lives are worth care and saving, others deserve to be left to die. One of our brothers in the camp who got deported to Croatia from Austria was infected with corona virus. Instead of providing him healthcare, they took him to detention center (closed camp) Ježevo, with pretext that there are empty rooms there where he can get better. White lives matter, others not so much.

 Even though we can not stop the fence from being built, we can at least raise our voice and not allow it to go completely unnoticed. We want to say that we noticed the workers coming, we noticed how they started to build the fence, dehumanizing and humiliating us again and to this we say WE ARE ANGRY and sick of being prisoners of racist Europe, sick of fences and violence and being treated like less than human.

 Some residents of Porin and their friends from the outside world


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